About Prestige Primary Care

Adult Primary Care Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & Aesthetics located in Hilton Head, SC

Prestige Primary Care

Prestige Primary Care was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to top-quality primary care. For many residents of Hilton Head, South Carolina, board-certified adult Internal medicine and aesthetics specialist Rafael Sanchez, MD, is the provider of choice for all aspects of routine health and wellness care. 

The practice offers the full scope of family medicine/primary care, with a strong focus on preventive health services. Comprehensive physical exams, lab testing, and routine screenings track patient health and identify potential areas of concern. 

For those with one or more chronic health conditions, customized chronic disease management offers a path toward improved function and a reduced risk of negative outcomes. Professional medication management is a big part of the process, as is guiding patients toward meaningful lifestyle modifications. 

Patients who need to move closer to a healthy weight benefit from medical weight loss. Mounjaro® and other semaglutide medications are available, as are weight loss injections. Creating sustainable change is the goal, and patients feel truly supported as they move through their weight loss journey. 

Prestige Primary Care works with patients of all ages, providing care to individuals, couples, families, and adults in retirement and beyond. Medical aesthetics is also an area of focus, helping patients look as good as they feel. In addition, a concierge medicine model of practice ensures easy access to top providers.  

The best way to learn more about Prestige Primary Care is to set aside some time to come in and meet the team. Telehealth services are also available. Online booking offers an easy way to connect with the practice, and patients can always call during business hours to check appointment availability.