Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine services offered in Hilton Head, SC

Would you love easier access to your health practitioner and a simplified way to cover the costs of routine health and wellness care?  Would you like quicker and personalized acess to the physician and clinic?  If so, concierge medicine might be a great fit for you and is available from board-certified Rafael Sanchez, MD, of Prestige Primary Care in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  When you’re ready to learn more, call or click to schedule a visit. 


Now we are offering a special price for new patient around $1400 for the year. 

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is meant by the term “concierge medicine?”

When you check into a resort, a concierge is there to help make the most of your visit, guiding you toward the services and resources that best fit your needs. A concierge medicine model of practice provides similarly personalized service. 

This depth of interaction allows for highly targeted care. Your practitioner works in partnership with you to set health and wellness goals and chart a course for reaching those goals. 

Who chooses a concierge medicine model of practice?

People who choose concierge medicine want to develop a trusting professional bond with their providers and seek out practitioners who offer unrushed visits in a welcoming environment. They want to feel like a valued member of the practice family, not like simple numbers on a spreadsheet. 

Concierge medicine is also convenient. At Prestige Primary Care, Dr. Sanchez limits the number of patients admitted to the practice, so it’s always easy to find an appointment without waiting for extended periods of time. He also has more time to spend during visits, ensuring that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

What kinds of services can I access using concierge medicine?

Prestige Primary Care offers a wide range of services, covering all of your routine health needs. Physicals are the foundation of good health and include lab testing and other screenings as needed. 

When illness or injuries arise, sick visits focus on identifying the source of your symptoms and getting you started on a path toward relief as swiftly as possible. This is especially beneficial for parents who are trying to soothe and calm a sick or injured child. 

Chronic disease management is here to help if you or a loved one experiences one or more forms of chronic disease. Managing these conditions can help you feel and function better, and reduce the risk of serious outcomes, including early death. 

Medical aesthetics, including injectables, are a great way to feel more confident about your appearance. If you need to shed excess pounds, medical weight loss can help, including professional guidance on semaglutide and other medications. 

When you’re ready to learn more, call or click to schedule a visit. Telehealth services are also available. Concierge services cost just $100 per month.  Labs, medication, and studies are billed separately. Insurance is accepted.