Telehealth services offered in Hilton Head, SC

Have you heard all the buzz about telehealth and wondered whether this approach is right for you? If so, board-certified Rafael Sanchez, MD, of Prestige Primary Care in Hilton Head, South Carolina, offers the chance to give telehealth a try. Simply call the office to find a time that fits your schedule, or book your telehealth appointment online in just moments. 

Telehealth Q&A

What are the benefits of telehealth? 

Telehealth is the intersection of technology and advanced health services. It connects patients and practitioners through video-enabled devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even cell phones. 

With telehealth, you can meet with Dr. Sanchez from the comfort of home or any other location. Those who travel for work or leisure appreciate this ease of access, as do busy executives and parents.

If you or a loved one is ill, telehealth can help you find relief without having to head across town or sit in a crowded waiting room. You can relax in a setting where you or your child is most comfortable. The concierge medicine model embraced by the office means you have greater access to Dr. Sanchez. 

Is telehealth right for me?

Telehealth is a wonderful fit for a variety of health needs. While some matters require an in-person office visit, you might be surprised to learn what can be accomplished remotely. 

Many basic primary care and family medicine needs can be met through telehealth visits. If you’re working with Dr. Sanchez for chronic disease management or medical weight loss, telehealth visits offer a chance to check in and receive guidance. 

Many sick visit needs can also be met remotely. If you’re uncertain whether telehealth is the right fit for you, simply call the office and share the details of your health needs. The administrative team can help you decide your next steps. 

How can I make the most of my telehealth visit?

Taking a bit of time to prepare for your visit helps you get the most out of your telehealth session. Begin by thinking about where to set up for the visit. Choose a place out of the way of traffic, but close to a power source so you don’t have to worry about battery power during the visit. 

You should also pay attention to the lighting in the area. Dr. Sanchez needs to be able to see you clearly to assess your condition, so choose a spot close to natural light, or consider moving near a lamp. Be careful of glare, however, as you also need to clearly see Dr. Sanchez. 

If you’d like to give telehealth a try, let one of the administrative professionals at Prestige Primary Care know. You can reach out online or by phone to find a time that fits your busy schedule.